John & Carole Avery

Soy Beans and Oats: Minerals and Trace Elements Boost Productivity

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S and MegaMin Extra Magnesium

Region: Wauchope, NSW

  • Addressing Potassium deficiencies
  • Oats oversewn to be grazed after soybean harvest
  • Increased crop performance

John and Carole Avery, near Wauchope, are another intensive ‘Beef and Bean’ producer using NatraMin as a fertiliser input for their 450 acres of Soybeans. John saw NatraMin as an ideal mineral fertiliser to deliver the Potasssium, Sulphur and trace elements that legumes require.

We had previously used another product but weren’t happy with the results and our beans were visually lacking in Potassium. Our Phosphorus levels are adequate and Potassium provides a response in our beans, so along with our first NatraMin application @ 300kg/ha we applied additional Potassium (Sulphate of Potash) as part of the total nutrient budget.”

When these photographs were taken, the crop had performed extremely well and with John in the middle of harvest at the time of print, it is likely that a dry finish to the season will have some impact on yield.

Oats is already oversewn into the beans and will be ready for grazing soon after the bean harvest is complete. 400-500 purchased calves will graze the oats from June through to November and on average we expect to achieve growth rates of around 1.5kg/day. We take on calves around 170kg, and to maximise performance, we will use MegaMin Extra Magnesium as our supplement while grazing the oats.”

Once the oats have been grazed, soil testing will be performed and based on nutrient requirements, AgSolutions will make a custom blend of NatraMin with higher levels of Potassium so that fertiliser can be applied in one pass next season.