Ian Pidgeon

Increased nodulation on legumes has led to reduced fertiliser costs

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S, MegaMin Extra Sulphur Lick Block and MegaMin Dry Feed Lick Block

Region: Southern Downs, Darling Downs, QLD

  • Improved forages
  • Softer soil
  • Utilising winter feed

Since first using NatraMin six years ago, Ian Pidgeon has seen the transformation in his pastures and annual forages.

According to Ian, “Experiencing soil compaction problems in our cultivation areas where winter and summer forages were grown, NatraMin Cal-S was initially used to soften our soil. One year after the first application, we started to see the difference with the plough working the ground a lot easier. Now that we are into our fourth application, we have really seen the results in both our soil and cattle. Our soil is softer and we now have minimal run-off, the paddocks are grazed more evenly and we have beautiful forage crops, with the oats and wheat very even in growth and colour. There is more nutrition in our pastures and forages and we’re running more cattle on the same area due to what we believe in an increase in feed value. A strip of forage that used to last 7 days will now last 10 days. The condition of our cattle is noticeably better, a sign they are full and content.”

Fixing Nitrogen reduces fertiliser costs

AgSolutions assists us with soil testing and also suggested companion planting legumes with our winter forage and growing a legume in summer for our forage requirements. Legumes respond well to NatraMin and the prolific number and the size of nodules on our cowpeas shows how effectively we are fixing Nitrogen in our soil. This has worked well and we have not used any other fertiliser for our crops since our first companion planting four years ago”.

Meeting the mineral requirements of his cattle is a high priority for Ian. To assist with fly, MegaMin Extra Sulphur Lick Blocks are out with all cattle during summer, and with the long hard winters in the southern darling downs district, MegaMin Dry Feed Lick Blocks are used as a protein supplement to increase dry feed intake and soften their manure. Running well-framed Hereford cattle, the colour in Ian’s cattle is proof that nutrition is spot on.