George Lyons

Seeing is believing… Improved Soil Condition and Increased Clover was obvious!

Product Range: NatraMin S and NatraMin Hi-Phos

Region: The Springs, Nowendoc, NSW

After seeing results on his neighbours potato crop, George Lyons joined the growing trend of using NatraMin in preference to the use of Super on pasture. Most farmers like to see something work before they try it which is exactly what George Lyons of Nowendoc (south of Walcha) witnessed with NatraMin in 2007. For years George had helped a nearby spud grower with his potato harvest and the problems associated with cloddy soil were evident at harvest time as well as the uneven growth and quality of the potatoes. George reports,

After the first application of NatraMin, I couldn’t believe the improvement in soil structure that first year. The clods had disappeared and the spuds were big and even in size. Where NatraMin had overspread on to the grass, the growth was amazing and this was what really caught my eye and got me thinking about using it on my pasture.”

As there was a bit of NatraMin left over from the previous spud season, George was able to take some home to spread on a section of his pasture.

Even though I had used Super Phosphate for 30 years, where I spread the NatraMin HI-Phos, the clover response was the best that I’d ever seen. In 2008 I applied a full load of bulk NatraMin to our pasture and the colour and growth of our grass and legumes has been outstanding. I have found that it is beneficial to apply NatraMin at a heavier rate than Super. This year we’ve had a tough winter and yet our cattle and pastures look good. We topdress our pasture with NatraMin annually and also apply NatraMin prior to planting new pastures.”

When AgSolutions Field Advisor Phil Stacy asked George if he would recommend NatraMin for pasture, his response was…

Yes… because of the growth and colour and the return of clover that we have seen in our pasture… I can definitely recommend it.”