Chris Harvey – Cunningham Pastoral Co.

Friable Soil Again Since Using NatraMin

Product Range: NatraMin Cal-S

Region: Aratula, QLD

Lucerne growers Chris and Jan Harvey, Cunningham Pastoral Co, Aratula have used NatraMin to successfully restore the condition of their heavy black soils with NatraMin being broadcast over all cultivation areas and existing Lucerne stands on their property.

Since using NatraMin, the friability of our soils has improved markedly, and we can now go back on the ground four days after heavy rain. Previously we had to wait for two weeks to get back onto our paddocks. In the same gear and revs, I have been able to travel at 12km/hr since using NatraMin Cal-S compared with the previous 8km/hr. With no irrigation, growth was tremendous throughout winter, with a cut of hay coming off in October, then another in midsummer.”

The Harveys have had their share of the rain with 36 inches falling on their property between late November 2010 and late January 2011, but their NatraMin-treated country has quickly bounced back.

Even with the heavy rainfall, it has continued to produce quality Lucerne hay, growing well through summer. I have spent plenty of money and resources on the property in the past, but I have never had a response like this.”

You could see the difference:

  • Where NatraMin was applied there was a noticeable difference in the soil condition and improved water penetration.
  • Forage Sorghum was a foot taller and a lot greener in the treated area.

Flood Recovery…
FARMERS across Queensland, NSW and Victoria are tackling the wettest conditions for decades, and are facing the cost of restoring their flood-affected and waterlogged soils.

For many years NatraMin soil amendments have proven their worth, helping to restore unproductive, hard, cloddy or crusted soils and assisting farmers to get back onto their paddocks quicker after rain. Improved soil structure and fertility assists to restore crop and pasture productivity.

NatraMin benefits heavy black soil…
NatraMin has been broadcast over all cultivation areas and existing Lucerne stands on the property. They have found that soil structure and workability improved rapidly within eight weeks of application.

They have been particularly impressed with a 6-year old, grassy Lucerne paddock that was restored with NatraMin Cal-S.