Ben Rossiter

Increasing Conception, Improving Weight Gain & Reducing Parasites

Product Range: MegaMin Extra Sulphur

Region: Armidale, NSW

We’ve noticed a significant difference in our stock and now typically use MegaMin all year round”

Ben Rossiter and his wife, Emma, run an Angus/Charolais breeding operation on what they describe as “lighter trap soils” north of Armidale. They’ve been using MegaMin Extra Sulphur loose supplements since 2009 and have noticed the benefits, including; improvement in conception and increased weaning weights among calves at 9months, and a reduction in external parasites, such as buffalo fly, lice, and ticks.

Our experience

The natural minerals are lacking in this country and supplementing is a direct way of delivering trace elements to our cattle”.

Since 2009, MegaMin Extra Sulphur loose supplement has been part of their program and Ben is confident he is seeing the response in his cattle cattle. “MegaMin Extra Sulphur has the trace elements and Sulphur that I was looking for and also provides good levels of Phosphorus. I don’t have figures to quote, but we’ve seen a big improvement in conception as well as increased weaning weights at 9months; this country is traditionally low in Phosphorus and Sulphur, and although we have used Super Phosphate, we still need minerals”. Ben has also seen the benefits that Sulphur provides to assist with external parasites.

Since using MegaMin, there has been a reduction in lice issues from late winter through to early spring; overall, there has been a significant difference in our stock and we now typically use MegaMin all year round”.

The Rossiter family are also keen Campdrafters, which is why AgSolutions further highlighted the benefit of MegaMin for horses – for general health, coat condition and strengthening of hooves. AgSolutions recommends supplementing with MegaMin Extra Sulphur to optimise livestock nutritional health and reduce external parasites, such as ticks, lice and buffalo fly.