Livestock Videos – General Health + Nutritional Advice

Livestock Nutrition Videos

The following collection of videos provides an aray of nutrition advice and strategies for livestock.

Optimise Dry Feed Intake with MegaMin Dry Feed Block

MegaMin Dry Feed Block combines the proven benefits of macro minerals, trace minerals, urea and true/protected protein to promote greater rumen function for extended periods, helping stock to make the most of standing dry feed and stubble. MegaMin protein supplements are formulated to feed rumen microbes to improve the rate of digestion and to stimulate the appetite of stock grazing frosted or dry pastures.

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How to help livestock utilise existing dry feed

Gary Zerner explains how to ensure livestock are receiving enough protein to utilise the existing dry feed.

How to manage Livestock during a Green Drought

AgSolutions’ National Sales Manager – Gary Zerner explains how to manage livestock following a rain event after prolonged drought conditions.

How AgSolutions Can Help If You Are Feeding Grain To Livestock

In the following video Gary Zerner explains how the AgSolutions ration formulation service can assist your operation.

Get a Return on Investment with Year Round Mineral Supplementation

Gary Zerner, National Sales Manager explains that the best return on investment after dry or drought conditions can be the addition of Mineral supplementation through to the next phase.

Cattle Are Worth Their Salt

Handy information from Gary on introducing cattle to supplements and controlling their daily intake using salt.

Water – The Number 1 Nutrient

Water is by far the most important nutrient for livestock.

AgSolutions Livestock Nutrition Roadshow

Learn how to apply the three key principles of rumen nutrition for cattle and sheep.

The Right Product At The Right Time

Let AgSolutions help you choose the correct livestock supplement for the current situation.