Soil & Leaf Testing

Soil & Leaf Testing


AgSolutions’ soil and leaf testing services will help you develop a soil management plan suited to the specific needs of your soil, and subsequently your crops and livestock.  Soil testing involves taking soil samples from various paddock locations, testing them to determine underlying issues impacting pasture quality,  and developing a pasture management program to counterbalance nutritional deficiencies and assist soil structure and biological activity.


Whether you follow conventional or organic farming practices, our programs are designed to restore soil fertility, help maximise yield, and improve productivity by providing adequate nutrient supply suitable for achieving production outcomes expected over periods of one to three, or even five years.  We aim to reduce your time and monetary costs by assessing the needs of your property and recommending programs using remineralisation, mulching, and crop rotation methods including a legume, and recommending soil aeration where necessary and practical.


We accurately assess the requirements of your soil by first considering your current practices and goals.  We then arrange a complete soil, pH, conductivity, salinity, and leaf test, and then assess the results of your soil test to develop a pasture management strategy.


Already had a soil test done recently?  Great! Contact us and we’ll assess the results to help you maximise your soil potential.

How to Book a Soil Test and Pasture Management Service

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Soil & Leaf Sampling


Analysis accuracy can be the difference in quality when we are developing pasture management programs for our clients, which is why it is important to conduct soil and leaf sampling carefully. To ensure sample quality is maintained, we have developed some easy to follow sampling procedures that can be carried out by our Field Advisors or almost anyone, simply watch the video guides to conducting a soil test below.

What farmers have experienced…

Milking the returns from your soil!

For the past 5 years, Warwick dairy farmer, Bill Stewart, has soil tested under the advice of AgSolutions’ Field Advisor Paul Pritchard and Olsens Produce (Landmark) Agronomist, Ian Wallace for his fertiliser budget and programs to improve yields, soil and crop health.

“Soil testing and having a program provides us with direction and facts to base our decisions on,” said Bill.