Sulphur Videos – External Parasite, Forage Sorghum, Prussic Acid

Sulphur Supplement Videos

The following videos provide nutrition advice and strategies to assist stock grazing forage sorghum, lush green feed or phosphorus/sulphur deficient country, to help with external parasite control, and improve wool growth, milk production and fertility.

How Sulphur Supplementation Helps Stock Grazing Forage Sorghum

AgSolutions’ Gary Zerner discusses the benefits of supplementing stock that are grazing forage sorghum with sulphur.

Succeed with Sulphur Supplementation

Find out how supplementing with sulphur can help liveweight gains in stock grazing forage sorghum.

Featuring Gary Zerner

Using Sulphur Supplements to Help with External Parasite Control

Gary Zerner discusses how supplementing your livestock with extra sulphur can be a valuable tool for external parasite control.

MegaMin SulPhos

MegaMin SulPhos – High Sulphur and Phosphorus Supplement with Macro and Trace Minerals

How Sulphur can Benefit External Parasite Control

Find out why sulphur supplementation can be useful in helping with external parasite control.

Featuring Gary Zerner