Phosphorus Videos – Growth, Milk Production, Fertility

Phosphorus Supplement Videos

The following videos provide nutrition advice and strategies to assist stock grazing phosphorus deficient country, and to assist with growth, milk production and conception rates.


In the following video Gary Zerner from AgSolutions discusses the disease, prevention strategies and how AgSolutions can help.

Promote Production With Phosphorus

Gary Zerner talks about how you can promote your production with Phosphorus supplementation.

Return on Investment with Phosphorus Supplementation

Gary Zerner discusses how to maximise your return on investment with phosphorus supplementation in deficient country.

How to Identify Phosphorus Deficiency in your Herd

Gary Zerner discusses how to identify Phosphorus deficiency in your herd and why it’s important to supplement livestock that are grazing phosphorus deficient country.

MegaMin SulPhos

MegaMin SulPhos – High Sulphur and Phosphorus Supplement with Macro and Trace Minerals