Livestock Farmer Stories

Livestock Farmer Stories Videos

In this collection, farmers share their stories and journey using the MegaMin Livestock Supplement Range across the beef, feedlot, sheep, dairy and organic industries.

Farmer Stories with Tim Freeman

Tim has been supplementing with MegaMin Extra Magnesium and has seen improved weight gains for cattle grazing lush green feed.

What it means to be in partnetship with AgSolutions

Jeff Elder has been supplementing his cattle on MegaMin Protein Supplements through drought conditions since 2014.

Kandanga Valley Charolais & Chabray Stud Story

Watch the story behind John and Roz Mercer, owners of Kandanga Valley Charolais and Charbray stud which was first established in 1988.

Over the fence with Jeffrey Elder

Jeff Elder has been supplementing his cattle on MegaMin Protein Supplements through drought conditions since 2014.

Farmer Stories with Robert Page

With almost 90 years of experience of grazing the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, the Page family have found it essential to provide minerals for their stock.

Farmer Stories with John Mercer

John and Roslyn Mercer can lay claim to being one of the pioneering families to first conduct trials with NatraMin mineral fertilizers some 30 years ago – when AgSolutions initially appeared on the agricultural radar. The Mercer’s now supplement their cattle on MegaMin Livestock Supplements and have seen the benefits. Watch the video to find out more!

Farmer Stories with Jonathan Schmidt

‘Dalby Downs’, the home of ‘Burenda’ Angus and Brangus Stud, has used MegaMin Livestock Supplements as part of their feeding programs since 2004.

Farmer Stories with Andrew Chaffey

Andrew & Merryl Chaffey have been farming for 12 years and run a mixed farming operation with cattle and sheep at their property in Somerton NSW.

MegaMin Improves Feedlot Ration

Jonathan Schmidt, manager at Burenda Angus has been using MegaMin as a supplement in their feed ration since 2004. “MegaMin suits our management because it’s cost comparable to other products, safe and simple to use at 20kg/tonne.”

Magnesium Helps To Reduce Prolapse

Manager of Burenda Angus Jonathan Schmidt, oversees 900 registered Angus and Brangus breeders along with a further 120 commercial Angus cows for progeny testing. Jonathan has been supplementing stock with MegaMin Extra Magnesium to help assist with calving and reduce the risk of prolapses.

Farmer Stories with Stewart Conochie

Meet Stewart Conochie, a Queensland diary farmer, who has worked with AgSolutions for over 10 years.

Farmer Stories with Kim Barnet

Meet Kim Barnet of Miramoona Merinos, New South Wales, who has been seeing the benefits of MegaMin Extra Sulphur.