Pasture Management

Pasture Management

This collection of videos provide nutrition advice and management strategies to help improve the nutritional, biological and structural aspects of soil fertility.

Improving Soil Health is Important for Horse Health

Gary Zerner and Dr Nerida Richards talk about improving soil health and structure to benefit horses.

Improving Pastures with NatraMin

Gary Zerner discusses strategies to manage horse pastures and how NatraMin can assist in producing well structured, fertile soil.

Talking Horses with Dr Nerida Richards

Gary Zerner and Dr Nerida Richards talk about horse health.

How to Improve your Horse’s Pasture

Having healthy, fertile soil is important for the production of healthy pasture for horses to graze. University trials have shown that NatraMin treated soils captured 7% more rain/irrigation and then allowed 13% more water to be available for plant growth.Watch the following video to find out how NatraMin can help improve your horse’s pasture.