Nutrition and Feed

Nutrition and Feed Videos

This collection of videos provide nutrition advice and strategies for supplementing/feeding horses and covers the importance of minerals in a horses diet.

Feeding for Weight Gain

The following video provides a few tips to help keep weight on your horse.

Why Forage Based Diets are so Important for Horses

Horses have evolved to eat high fibre forages over long periods of the day but more and more these days, people are choosing to give horse’s a greater portion of concentrate feeds. Watch the following video to find out why forage based diets are so important for horses.

Feeding Horses for a Healthy Hindgut

When we feed horses it is very important to consider the gut bacteria and design a feeding system that is focused on keeping the hindgut healthy. Watch the following video for some tips on how to feed horses to help keep the hindgut healthy.

The Development of MegaMin Equine Supplements

Gary Zerner and Dr Nerida Richards talk about teaming up with Feed XL for the development of MegaMin Equine Enhancer and MegaMin Bone Defender.

Why Mineral Nutrition is so Important for Horses

Gary Zerner and Dr Nerida Richards talk about the importance of mineral nutrition for horses.

Broad Spectrum Minerals

Gary Zerner and Dr Nerida Richards discuss pasture nutrition for horses.

Tips for Feeding Horses

Shannon Godwin discusses a few important items to consider when feeding horses.

How to Choose a Quality Fortified Horse Feed

Watch the following video for a few tips on how to select a good quality fortified feed besides just looking at the price tag.

Drought Feeding

Many people who own livestock in QLD and NSW are feeling the effects of the ongoing drought. Horse owners who have always relied on picking up their one or two bales of hay from their local produce store every week are more often then not lately told that there is no hay available! Now, the panic sets in as owners are faced with finding alternate ways to meet their beloved horse’s fibre requirements. Watch the following video to get some handy tips on how to make your hay supply last a little longer.

Why You Should Weigh Your Horse’s Feed

Receiving a balanced diet is so important for the health of both horses and riders! Feeding a balanced diet means all of the horses requirements for energy, protein, fat, fibre, minerals, vitamins and water are being met. To help you establish whether your horse is getting a balanced diet you need to know how much in weight of each feed your horse is getting.

How to Weigh Your Horse’s Feed

Would you like to know how to make sure your horse is receiving all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and to perform at the very best of its ability? In this video I’m going to help you establish whether your horse is getting what it needs out of it’s food and to do this I’m going to share with you how to weigh your horses feed and hay as it is so crucial that we feed by weight and not by volume.