Stockist Support

Stockist Support


AgSolutions offers support to Rural Stores who supply our MegaMin Livestock Supplement and NatraMin Mineral Fertilisers and Soil Conditioner Ranges. Store support includes; In-store Training, Joint Farm Visits, Joint Events, Marketing Materials and more.

In-Store Training for Stockist

AgSolutions readily provides staff training for Rural Stores to ensure our products and services are understood. This may be informal or formalised to suit your staff, venue and timeframe. Training is beneficial and ensures accurate information and recommendations are passed on to your customers. Providing you with an understanding of our products and approach improves sales and assists with addressing your customers’ soil and animal nutritional requirements.

Joint Farm Visits

AgSolutions Field Advisors are available to visit your customers with your Agronomist/Staff members for on farm consultations. This is a valuable way of assisting your customers to understand more about our products and to maximise their productivity. Joint farm visits are also beneficial in developing working relationships between your store and our Field Advisors. Such visits offer an ideal environment for learning from each other which improves our services to both your store and your customers.