Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources


This collection of marketing resources includes product-specific campaigns, social media content, videos, brochures, trial data and customer testimonials to assist you with the promotion and sale of AgSolutions’ products and services.


The AgSolutions’ marketing team are here to assist with all of your marketing requirements. If there are particular resources or collateral items that are not available in this section please contact

Product Campaigns

A collection of product-specific marketing materials to assist you in the promotion and sale of the MegaMin Livestock Supplement Range.


Downloadable MegaMin Livestock, Equine Supplement and NatraMin product range brochures with product analysis and feeding guides.

University Trials

A collection of NatraMin and MegaMin product trials conducted at the University of Queensland.


This collection of video resources include nutritional advice and strategies to assist with livestock and soil management, as well as an array of farmer stories.


AgSolutions’ ‘Over The Fence’ newsletter is a quarterly publication with the latest seasonal, technical and product information along with key customer testimonials.

Customer Testimonials

A collection of farmers stories – their journey and results using MegaMin and NatraMin products, along with the nutritional advice given by AgSolutions’ Field Advisors.