AgSolutions is an Australian-owned family operated company

We are committed to ‘Helping Australia Grow’ we do this by remaining 100% Australian owned and operated, and importantly by manufacturing all our products in rural Queensland Australia. We are keeping the Australia in Australian Farming and provide our farmers with leading sustainable soil and livestock products that are all about renewal and regeneration of our environment.

We are mindful of every process and outcome and consider how we operate in the community, our environments and how we engage with our people.

AgSolutions was founded from a desire to improve the farming environment and this commitment is as true today as it was almost 30 years ago.  Our products are the best evidence of this commitment.  We provide our farmers with leading sustainable soil and livestock products based predominately on natural minerals and trace elements that are all about the renewal and regeneration of our environment.

We choose to use high quality ingredients from trusted suppliers and undertake regular quality control testing, allowing us to maintain our Australian Organic Registered Product Certification.

Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, and registered charity, which leads the promotion of and provision of financial support to the Landcare movement’s national resource management programme in Australia; aligning the practice of environmental management with land productivity, and devolving governance and management to local communities.

From our blog…

Trace Elements and Remineralisation of your soil

How many nutrients are part of your fertiliser program?  Trace elements are often deficient. Each year we see hundreds of soil tests and a high percentage of these soils reveal below optimal levels of trace elements with zinc, copper, manganese and boron usually the main offenders.