Small Crops

What Small Crop Growers Have Experienced


Find out what small crop growers have to say about NatraMin Mineral Fertiliser and Soil Conditioners.

Top-shelf garlic, spuds and onions

Farmer: Justin Schultz
Region: Wondai, QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Long Term Soil Improve from Using NatraMin

Farmer: Bob & Marilyn Stephens
Region: Goodger, QLD
Products: NatraMin

Soy Beans and Oats: Minerals and trace elements boost productivity

Farmer: John and Carole Avery
Region: Wauchope, NSW
Products: NatraMin and MegaMin

Beef, Beans and NatraMin

Farmer: David Duff
Region: Willawarrin
Products: NatraMin

Crumpton Peanut Shelling Contractors see the benfits of NatraMin for their soil

Farmer: Crumpton & Sons
Region: Kingaroy, QLD
Products: NatraMin

Rising costs of Gypsum leading farmers to NatraMin Cal-S – where the benefits of improved soil just keep on cropping up!

Farmer: John Abbott
Region: Aratula, QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Improved Flavour Since Using NatraMin

Farmer: Warren & Lexie Harvey
Region: Eukey, QLD
Products: NatraMin Hi-Phos