Small Crops

What Small Crop Growers Have Experienced


Find out what small crop growers have to say about NatraMin Mineral Fertiliser and Soil Conditioners.

Long Term Soil Improve from Using NatraMin

Farmer: Bob & Marilyn Stephens
Region: Goodger, QLD
Products: NatraMin

Soy Beans and Oats: Minerals and trace elements boost productivity

Farmer: John and Carole Avery
Region: Wauchope, NSW
Products: NatraMin and MegaMin

Beef, Beans and NatraMin

Farmer: David Duff
Region: Willawarrin
Products: NatraMin

Crumpton Peanut Shelling Contractors see the benfits of NatraMin for their soil

Farmer: Crumpton & Sons
Region: Kingaroy, QLD
Products: NatraMin

Rising costs of Gypsum leading farmers to NatraMin Cal-S – where the benefits of improved soil just keep on cropping up!

Farmer: John Abbott
Region: Aratula, QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Improved Flavour Since Using NatraMin

Farmer: Warren & Lexie Harvey
Region: Eukey, QLD
Products: NatraMin Hi-Phos