What Farmers have experienced with their pastures


NatraMin Mineral Fertilisers are increasingly being used on permanent pastures throughout Australia and many farmers have reported increased growth and improved palatability, as well as the return of clovers to their pastures.

Rockhampton Rhodes Grassy Hay Achieves Exceptional Results

Farmer: Peter Dunn
Region: Rockhampton QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

The Results Speak For Themselves

Farmer: Greg Campbell
Region: Agrimix Pastures
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Better soil structure and improved herd health

Farmer: Steve and Robyn Mathers
Region: Coraki, NSW
Products: NatraMin and MegaMin

NatraMin Promotes Cattle Performance

Farmer: Lance Jerrett
Region: Uralla, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Improving Germination And Soil Structure With NatraMin

Farmer: Greg and Stewart Conochie
Region: Kalbar, QLD
Products: NatraMin

Fertilise It, Then Utilise It

Farmer: Hilton McLennan
Region: Tyringham, NSW
Products: NatraMin & MegaMin Extra Magnesium

Increased nodulation on legumes has led to reduced fertiliser costs

Farmer: Ian Pidgeon
Region: Southern Downs
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Thoroughbreds benefit from better pastures and softer soils

Farmer: Glenlogan
Region: Beaudesert, QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Successful combination of green manure crops and minerals for soil fertility

Farmer: Brian Hamilton, Hamilton Dairy
Region: Casino, NSW
Products: NatraMin Original Blend, NatraMin Cal-S

From good results to great results!

Farmer: Dave & Alison McKay Dairy
Region: Bowraville, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

No Super for 5 years and our Phosphorus levels are Increasing

Farmer: Peter Weatherstone, Orana Park
Region: Grafton, NSW
Products: NatraMin Hi-Phos

Best results in 7 years!

Farmer: Rex & Julie Sheedy, Rose Hill
Region: Glen Innes, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Savings of $25,000 in fertiliser without reducing prductivity

Farmer: Kevin Sinclair, Sinclair Dairy
Region: Macksville, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Mineral and Trace Elements to increase the availability of Phosphorus

Farmer: Marcus Laurie, Palaroo Hillgrove
Region: Armidale, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Seeing is believing –  Improved soil condition and increased clover was obvious!

Farmer: George Lyons, The Springs
Region: Nowendoc, NSW
Products: NatraMin S, NatraMin Hi-Phos

Cost of Super Led Us To Address Mineral Levels

Farmer: Sam White, Bald Blair Angus
Region: Guyra, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Reduced Sodium Levels and Softer Soils at Rangers Valley Feedlot

Farm: Rangers Valley Feedlot
Region: Glen Innes, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Whyalla Feedlot Trials Shot The Benefit Of NatraMin Cal-S

Farm: Whyalla Feedlot
Region: Texas, QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Milking the returns from your soil

Farmer: Bill Stewart
Region: Warwick, QLD 
Products: NatraMin Cal-S