What Lucerne Growers Have Experienced


See what Lucerne Growers have to say firsthand about their experience and results by using NatraMin Mineral Fertilisers and Soil Conditioners.

Cal-S spikes yield response in lucerne

Farmer: Trevor Petith
Region: Muswellbrook, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Improved quality and higher yielding lucerne

Farmer: Tim Freeman
Region: Denman, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Lucerne – A 20-year Apprenticeship

Farmer: Peter Coyne
Region: Nanango, QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

NSW Agronomist Insists On NatraMin Cal-S For Lucerne

Agronomist: Kyle Ropa, Farmers Warehouse
Region: Singleton, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Softer Soil Increases Water Penetration And Provides Better Growing Conditions For Lucerne

Farmer: Allan Cherry, Agvac Pastoral
Region: Gunnedah, NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Friable Soil Again Since Using NatraMin

Farmer: Chris Harvey, Cunningham Pastoral Co.
Region: Aratula, QLD
Products: NatraMin Cal-S

Complete Grass Cover And Useful Grazing Pasture Within Months Of Applying NatraMin

Farmer: Ken Passlow
Region: Ulmarra (near Grafton), NSW
Products: NatraMin Cal-S