Product Range

NatraMin Product Range


No matter what plants you are looking at growing, there is a NatraMin blend to suit your soil, pasture and crop needs. For all Agricultural crops and pastures as well as turf and home gardens, remineralisation with NatraMin can assist to improve soil structure and increase nutrient availability.

Did you know?

“Maximum response will not be obtained from applied Phosphatic Fertiliser, whether water-soluble of water insoluble, unless adequate quantities of other plant nutrients, including the secondary and trace elements, are present.”  Fertilizer Handbook, 1990

NatraMin Mineral Fertilisers and Soil Conditioners are formulated to restore bio-activated broad spectrum minerals and trace elements to your soil, assisting to improve t…

NatraMin Home Garden Range for garden, vegetables and lawns. With Natural Rock Minerals and Trace Elements to stimulate worm and Microbe activity.