Using NatraMin

The following application rates are a guide only. A soil test is recommended to identify specific needs for your soil and crop.  Split applications may be beneficial in certain circumstances.


 Application rates



Application details

  • Can be applied at plant stage, or for best results apply 4-6 weeks prior to planting.
  • Can be applied to existing crops.
  • Safe to use as a seed carrier.
  • No withholding period for stock.
  • Non-leaching.


Use higher application rates

  • For irrigated or high intensity farming.
  • For soil with high sodium levels.
  • Where soil pH is a problem.
  • For clay-based or compacted soil.
  • For seriously depleted soil.


Soil Testing

AgSolutions provides a soil testing service, allowing you to work with our qualified Field Advisors to develop, implement and monitor a soil management program designed specifically for your soil and crop needs.  Read more>


Soil management program

AgSolutions recommends a program of remineralisation, mulching and crop rotation including a legume.  Soil aeration is recommended where necessary and practical.  Repeat applications of NatraMin are vital to restore mineral elements to your soil.   As soil fertility improves, water-soluble fertiliser can often be reduced.


For more information, soil management advice or tips for spreading NatraMin, call AgSolutions Australia on 1800 81 57 57


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