Russell Purvis

Benefits of supplementing with Extra Sulphur when grazing Forage Sorghum

Russell Purvis, Capella


“With good mineral nutrition our cattle look better. We wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t working.” 

Let’s head to Capella in Central QLD to talk to Russell Purvis who highlights the benefits of Sulphur supplementation. The Purvis family run a Santa Gertrudis herd and now feed MegaMin Extra Sulphur all year round.


Russell reports: “We have used MegaMin Extra Sulphur for three years now and there’s no way we’d graze forage sorghum without it. With the cost of growing forage sorghum you have to do what you can to make it pay and our cattle are twice as good since using MegaMin.”


Reduced Buffalo Fly and Ticks

“It was the external parasite benefits that led us to feeding this supplement all year round. We have found that it’s an easy way to reduce the burden of parasites and we’re not handling chemicals as much. One thing for sure, minerals and Sulphur have no negative impact on dung beetles.


We have noticed that if we let the MegaMin Sulphur lick run out and don’t get back for a few weeks to top it up, we can see the difference in buffalo fly infestations between mobs. It’s that clear.


Even cattle ticks get thicker if they go without the lick for a while. We also aim to manage ticks with rotational grazing as much as we can and we dip when required”.


Minerals are good for health, fertility and weight gain and MegaMin Extra Sulphur provides minerals plus Sulphur. During winter or dry times, Russell adds a protein source to the MegaMin Extra Sulphur to keep their cattle foraging.


“Our aim is to keep the minerals out 24/7 and by doing this we know we are not restricting weight gains. With good mineral nutrition our cattle look better. We wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t working.”