What beef farmers have experienced


Here’s what beef farmers have to say about MegaMin Livestock Supplements.

Oats & Brassics – Increasing weight gains

Farmer: Ben Griffiths
Region: Jerry Plains, NSW
Products: MegaMin

Successful Year-Round Organic Operation

Farmer: Matthew Marshall
Region: Nandowrie, QLD
Products: MegaMin USDA/NOP Range

More meat with magnesium

Farmer: Tim Freeman
Region: Denman, NSW
Products: MegaMin Extra Magnesium

Increasing conception, improving weight gains & reducing parasites

Farmer: Ben Rossiter, Angus/Charolais breeding operations
Region: Armidale, NSW
Products: MegaMin Extra Sulphur

Increased weight Gains on Lush Green Feed

Farmer: Tim Freeman, Dalara Pastoral Operations
Region: Denman, NSW
Products: MegaMin Magnesium

Results Speak Loud Clear

Farmer: Dean & Bree Kiernan
Region: Clermont, QLD
Products: MegaMin Graze & Grow

Increasing Your Bottom Line

Farmer: Darren & Jacqui Castle
Region: Kumbia, QLD
Products: MegaMin

Winners of Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial (Feedlot) 2015

Farmer: James and Sal Morse
Region: Central West NSW
Products: MegaMin Mineral Blend

Improved Stock Fertility Through Drought

Farmer: Shaun & Jo McGuigan
Region: Thangool QLD
Products: MegaMin Graze & Grow

Moving Forward with MegaMin

Farmer: Michael Gall
Region: Jandowae QLD
Products: MegaMin Graze & Grow

Successful Partnerships Promote Production

Farmer: Mike Schreiber
Region: Cooranga North
Products: MegaMin Extra Magnesium & MegaMin Feedlot Enhancer

“The best result for supplement feeding that we have ever had.”

Farmer: David & Andrew Raff
Region: Drillham, QLD
Products: MegaMin Graze & Grow

98% of cows in calf despite worst drought on record!

Farmer: Jeff Elder
Region: Dalby, QLD
Products: MegaMin Graze & Grow

Top priced weaners in Tenterfield

Farmer: George & Helen Mulherrin
Region: Tenterfield, NSW
Products: MegaMin and NatraMin

Benefits of supplementing with Extra Sulphur when grazing Forage Sorghum

Farmer: Russell Purvis
Region: Capella, Central QLD
Products: MegaMin Extra Sulphur

Dry Season Return on Investment with Graze & Grow

Farmer: Glenn & Carol Beanland
Region: Kingaroy, QLD
Products: MegaMin Graze & Grow 12% Salt

Megamin Extra Sulphur key to extra weight gain and reduced buffalo fly

Farmer: David Blackwood, Ballandean Station
Region: Ballandean, QLD
Products: MegaMin Extra Sulphur, MegaMin Extra Sulphur Block

Minerals Are Important In Our Feeding Program

Farmer: David & Prue Bondfield, Palgrove Charolais
Region: Dalveen, QLD
Products: Mineral Blend, Mineral Block

MegaMin Caters For All Areas And All Seasons

Farmer: Craig Edwards
Region: Milbong, QLD
Products: MegaMin Extra Phosphorus, MegaMin 10% Protein Meal

“Prior to using MegaMin we lost up to 30 cows to Grass Tetany each year”

Farmer: Arnold & Aaron Ham
Region: Niangala, NSW
Products: MegaMin Extra Magnesium

Buffel Grass No Match For MegaMin

Farmer: Wes & Sue Presho, Utopia Downs
Region: Taroom, QLD
Products: MegaMin 50% Protein Meal, MegaMin Mineral Blend

Grazing Mulga

Farmer: Peter Schmidt, Alawoona
Region: Wyandra, QLD
Products: MegaMin USDA/NOP Blend, MegaMin Mineral Blend

MegaMin Covers Seasonal Mineral Deficiencies

Farmer: Kenton & Amy Peart, Dunvegan
Region: Charleville, QLD
Products: MegaMin USDA/NOP Blend

Imporved Conception Rates & Calving Ease

Farmer: Matt & Mel Carter, Myall Springs Organic Beef & Lamb
Region: Rangari, NSW
Products: MegaMin USDA/NOP Blend

MegaMin and improved bone growth and weight gain of weaners

Farmer: Robert Page, Heifer Station
Region: Great Dividing Ranges – West of Grafton, NSW

Products: MegaMin Mineral Block, NatraMin Cal-S

MegaMin and combating Foot Abscess and Pinkeye

Farmer: Lock & Elizabeth Rogers, Dyamberin, Wongwibinda
Region: New England Tablelands, NSW
Products: MegaMin Mineral Blend, MegaMin Extra Sulphur 

MegaMin Loose Supplement increases calving rate

Farmer: Jackie Flohr, Mt Lebanon Santas
Region: Central Queensland
Products: MegaMin Mineral Blend, MegaMin Mineral Block, MegaMin Dry Feed Block