Extra Phos 8

MegaMin Extra Phos 8

Promote Production with Extra Phosphorus, Calcium and Broad Spectrum Minerals


MegaMin Extra Phos 8 provides highly available phosphorus and calcium along with broad spectrum minerals for overall herd health and productivity. Suitable as a year round supplement for stock grazing phosphorus deficient pastures. Phosphorus is one of the most important minerals in animal nutrition and is essential for energy metabolism, appetite, efficiency of feed utilization, bone growth and fertility. MegaMin Extra Phos 8 is formulated using a safe source of highly available phosphorus and calcium as well as key macro and trace minerals to promote maximum response to supplementation.

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  • 20kg Bag
  • 1t Bulk Bag
  • Extra phosphorus to assist growth, milk production and fertility
  • Ideal for stock grazing low phosphorus country
  • Contains a high quality, bio-available phosphorus and calcium source
  • Assists overall health and conception rates
  • Dry Season
  • Green/Wet Season
  • Winter/Dry Feed
  • Phosphorus deficient country
Typical Analysis (DMB) Extra Phosphorus Extra Phos 8
Calcium (Ca) 13.5% 16.2%
Phosphorus (P) 4.0% 8.0%
Sulphur (S) 1.4% 1.6%
Magnesium (Mg) 2.3% 1.3%
Potassium (K) 1.3% 0.8%
Silicon (Si) 17.8% 10.4%
Iron (Fe) 4.4% 2.2%
Mangenese (Mn) 0.14% 0.16%
Zinc (Zn) 1477 mg/kg 516 mg/kg
Copper (Cu) 160 mg/kg 138 mg/kg
Cobalt (Co) 21 mg/kg 11 mg/kg
Selenium (Se) 4.7 mg/kg 0.9 mg/kg
Iodine (I) 1.6 mg/kg 1.8 mg/kg
Molybdenum (Mo) 1.8 mg/kg 1.2 mg/kg
Boron (B) 12.0 mg/kg 8.4 mg/kg
Salt (NaCl) 4.0% 3.9%
Copra Meal 2.4% 14.8%
Molasses N/A  N/A
Crude Protein 0.5% min 3.2%
Dry Matter 98.0% 97.3%

Feeding Guide

Feeding rate - 10-20g per 100kg body weight.









Consumption rates may vary depending on weather, pasture and livestock conditions. During peak demand use the higher level of the feeding guide. It is preferable to keep this product dry when feeding to maintain palatability. Withholding period: NIL


All MegaMin supplements contain phosphorus, however, MegaMin Extra Phos 8 has been specially formulated to supply higher levels of this important mineral as it plays a vital role in dry matter intake, feed efficiency, energy production, fertility and milk production.


High quality phosphorus source


MegaMin Extra Phos 8 contains premium sources of highly available phosphorus and calcium that will help meet animal requirements for these essential nutrients.  These ingredients have the following benefits over some traditional DCP sources:

  • High phosphorus quality and content
  • Excellent bioavailability
  • High purity - low heavy metal content
  • Consistency of analysis from batch to batch


Return on investment


The benefits of using stock supplements are significant and proven. Year round provision of MegaMin mineral supplements helps reduce the risk of mineral deficiencies that can restrict animal performance even during good seasons or lush pasture growth.
For as little as 5c/head/week for sheep and 50c-$1/head/week for cattle. The investment to include MegaMin Extra Phos 8 in your feeding program can return dividends through improved fertility, increased milk production and increased weight gain.


Why broad spectrum Minerals are essential


Macro minerals and trace minerals are needed year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility. Read more>


Why Phosphorus is important


Most Australian soils are derived from parent material which is low in phosphorus. When soils are naturally deficient, the pastures growing on them are generally lacking in this vital mineral as well. The impact of phosphorus deficiency in Australian grazing systems has been recognised for more than a century and is a subject of ongoing research. MLA funded research has reported that sustained low phosphorus diets are evident in lower cow body condition scores, delayed pregnancies, poor lactation performance and reduced calf/weaner weights (Dixon, 2016).

If diets are deficient in phosphorus there can be a severe impact on production and income as it can result in poor growth rates and lower fertility and supplementation is critical in areas where the soil is low in phosphorus.  The best time to supplement with phosphorus is during times when pasture quality and quantity is high as livestock will respond best to phosphorus supplementation when their energy and protein requirements are being met.

Source:  Dixon, R. (2016, Dec 4).  New Phosphorus Findings.  Retrieved from MLA: https://www.mla.com.au/news-and-events/industry-news/new-phosphorus-findings/




Why Calcium is important


Calcium and phosphorus are inter-related and are the most abundant minerals in bone. Calcium is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, contraction of muscles, the immune system activation and has a structural role in bone and teeth.

The desirable ratio of Ca:P is 2:1. Insufficient levels of phosphorus in the diet will inhibit calcium uptake in addition to high phosphorus levels decreasing the level of calcium uptake. Phosphorus levels should never exceed calcium levels.


Signs of Phosphorus deficiency:

  • Bone chewing and depraved appetite
  • Lameness
  • Reduced fertility
  • Limited growth
  • Reduced milk yield
  • Ill-thrift, emaciation, painful movement and fractures
  • Secondary diseases such as botulism


Signs of Calcium deficiency

  • Bone deformities/skeletal weakness
  • Joint problems
  • Rickets and retarded growth in young animals
  • Low blood calcium may lead to muscle weakness, paralysis and unconsciousness
  • 'Big Head’ in horses

Product Enquiry

Phosphorus deficiency...

“Steers didn't perform in our native grass areas which were phosphorus deficient and bone chewing and botulism was a big concern. In these areas, we now supplement year round with MegaMin Extra Phosphorus because it also provides a broad range of minerals. Intake variations did occur throughout the season however our cattle have stopped chewing bones."


“MegaMin has done a great job in our Phosphorus deficient country and has also ensured that our stock maintained good condition last winter.”