Extra Phos 8

MegaMin Extra Phos 8

Promote Production with Extra Phosphorus, Calcium and Broad Spectrum Minerals


MegaMin Extra Phos 8 provides highly available phosphorus and calcium along with broad spectrum minerals for overall herd health and productivity. Suitable as a year round supplement for stock grazing phosphorus deficient pastures. Phosphorus is one of the most important minerals in animal nutrition and is essential for energy metabolism, appetite, efficiency of feed utilization, bone growth and fertility. MegaMin Extra Phos 8 is formulated using quality sources of highly available phosphorus and calcium as well as key macro and trace minerals to promote maximum response to supplementation.

Phosphorus is particularly beneficial for growth, lactation and fertility and is essential for stock grazing pasture in low phosphorus areas.


The lack of phosphorus and magnesium can often be limiting factors for stock grazing green feed so there is the opportunity to maximise stock performance by supplementing additional phosphorus and magnesium at this time.


Phosphorus is one of the most important minerals in animal nutrition and is essential for appetite, efficiency of feed utilisation, bone growth and fertility. To ensure the maximum response to phosphorus supplementation, MegaMin Extra Phosphorus is formulated to provide calcium, sulphur, manganese and copper.


Why broad spectrum Minerals are essential

Macro minerals and trace minerals are needed year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility. Read more>


Why Phosphorus is important

  • Phosphorus deficiency can cause poor growth rates and low calving percentages.
  • When there is plenty of lush green feed during Spring or a wet season, phosphorus is likely to be the major limiting nutrient, especially in phosphorus deficient areas.
  • Phosphorus is a crucial nutrient for converting feed into energy.
  • When magnesium is fed over an extended period, it is important to add phosphorus as a precautionary measure because magnesium can reduce phosphorus absorption.

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  • 20kg Bag
  • 1t Bulk Bag