MegaMin BovaMag

High Magnesium Medicated Macro and Trace Mineral Supplement for Cattle and Sheep Grazing Green Feed


MegaMin BovaMag is formulated to provide extra magnesium for cattle and sheep grazing lush green pastures and winter cereals. The inclusion of Bovatec® along with broad spectrum macro and trace minerals is a highly effective way to help alleviate mineral deficiencies and aid feed conversion efficiency and increase average daily weight gain in livestock grazing lush green pastures.  This carefully formulated medicated supplement includes Bovatec® and is the ideal choice for your stock to help support health and productivity in your herd.

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  • 20kg Bag
  • 1t Bulk Bag

Feeding Guide

Feeding rate – 20-30kg per 100kg body weight.





Why broad spectrum Minerals are essential

Minerals and trace minerals are needed year-round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility. Read more >


Magnesium is important:

  • Magnesium is absorbed in the rumen and is the second most limiting mineral for stock grazing lush green pastures and winter forage. Lush green fodder passes too quickly through the rumen to allow adequate absorption of Magnesium, which can lead to ‘Grass Tetany’.
  • Plant uptake of Magnesium may also be reduced in the cooler months, increasing the need for supplementation.
  • Magnesium stored in the body is not rapidly available so animals are reliant on daily intake, particularly during ‘high risk’ periods.
  • Magnesium may aid in reducing stress, during weaning, sales, shows and transport and assist with meat quality.
  • Lack of Magnesium can significantly reduce milk production.
  • Because mature fodder has a higher Magnesium level in the stem, it is recommended to give animals access to roughage and legume hay during high risk periods for grass tetany.
  • Assists with calving and lambing.


BovaMag offers benefits associated with Bovatec®:

  • Improved weight gain rate and feed efficiency
  • Effective coccidiosis control
  • Effective use in a wide range of diets and approval for increased gains in pasture and feed efficiency in feedlot cattle
  • No step-up requirement, no negative impact on feed intake when given full dose



Grass Tetany

Caused by low blood Magnesium levels, Grass Tetany (hypomagnesaemia) may occur throughout the year on both tropical and temperate pastures. Symptoms include restlessness, staggers, over-alertness or even aggressiveness. In severe cases, livestock can die suddenly, so prevention is important. Read more >