50% Protein Meal

MegaMin 50% Protein Meal

Protein Supplement with Macro and Trace Minerals for Winter, Dry Feed and Drought Conditions

MegaMin 50% Protein Meal is a safe dry feed supplement that combines the proven benefits of macro and trace minerals plus true protected protein to promote greater rumen function for extended periods, allowing your stock to make the most of dry standing pasture and stubble. Particularly beneficial for weaners and can be used as an all year round palatable supplement for cattle, sheep and horses.


MegaMin Protein Supplements are formulated to feed rumen microbes to improve the rate of digestion and to stimulate the appetite of stock grazing frosted or dry pastures. The combination of broad spectrum minerals and naturally protected protein meal stimulates rumen microbial activity for extended periods, helping stock to make the most of standing dry feed and increase weight gains.

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  • 20kg Bag
  • 1t Bulk Bag

Feeding Guide

Feeding rate – 10-20g per 100kg body weight.









The feed rates above provide a guide for recommended daily intake. Due to the highly palatable nature of this product, it is not self-regulating. Intake may exceed these levels if livestock are given free access to the product. Withholding Period: NIL


Additional salt may be added if required to slow intake or satisfy salt cravings.

Why broad spectrum Minerals are essential

Macro minerals and trace minerals are needed year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility. Read more>


Rumen Microbes are a source of protein:

Lack of protein and minerals in drought affected or frosted pasture decreases rumen microbe activity, slowing digestion down to the point that your stock are not able to consume enough dry feed to maintain body condition.


Te more stock eat, the more they produce. So, as well as providing macro and trace minerals that are lacking in dry feed, MegaMin Protein supplements are formulated to stimulate rumen microbes over an extended period of time to allow stock to increase fodder intake and to graze further afield.


Rumen microbes break down fibrous fodder and are essential to convert feed into energy (VFA) so the better we feed rumen microbes, the better we feed the animal.


In addition, rumen microbes contain 60% protein and when digested, they can provide the majority of the protein requirements of cattle and sheep.


Protected Protein provides extended Rumen Stimulation

The advantage of using naturally protected protein meals such as copra meal and cottonseed meal is that this protein breaks down slowly in the rumen. This provides a sustained source of ammonia for the rumen microbes to reproduce, enhance the rate of digestion and stimulate appetite for an extended period of time.


This safe form of protein allows stock to graze for longer periods after consumption (can take 20+ hours to break down in the rumen – see graph above) and contains bypass protein that can be digested and absorbed after the rumen. Read more>

The value of year round supplements

The need to supplement livestock during winter and dry conditions to maintain condition and to avoid stock loss is obvious. Not so obvious are clinical and sub-clinical mineral deficiencies that can restrict animal performance even during good season.


Minerals cannot be synthesised within animals, so ensuring that stock have adequate minerals can provide real, measurable improvements in stock performance including:

  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Increased daily weight gains
  • Improved body condition scores
  • Higher calving rates

University Trials prove the benefits of MegaMin for stock during drought conditions

In replicated trials conducted at University of New England, MegaMin Mineral Blend (the base mineral mix contained in all our livestock supplements) was proven to be an effective dry feed supplement compared to the use of Urea. This trial highlights the benefits of minerals and trace elements for stock grazing low quality pastures. Read more>