Extra Sulphur Block

MegaMin Extra Sulphur block

High Sulphur Supplement with Phosphorus, Magnesium and Trace Minerals


MegaMin Extra Sulphur provides broad spectrum macro and trace minerals as well as additional sulphur.  Sulphur is important to assist with rumen health, is associated with supporting external parasite control, is a key component of wool and is an important production tool for stock grazing forage sorghum.


MegaMin Extra Sulpur also provides good levels of phosphorus and magnesium, which are the two most limiting nutrients for stock grazing lush green pasture. These key nutrients are required by livestock throughout the year and in particular during spring and summer or periods of lush green growth.


Many soils are also low in sulphur, hence the importance of supplementing with sulphur and broad spectrum minerals. A safe supplement suitable to use year-round.

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  • 17kg Lick Block
  • 75kg Lick Block

Feeding Guide

Feeding rate – 10-20g per 100kg body weight.

17kg Lick Block


1 block/15 head



1 block/40 head

75kg Lick Block


1 block/45 head



1 block/100 head

Rates will vary according to the state of pasture and the current condition of the livestock.

Initial consumption rates may be higher due to mineral or salt craving, however the rate of consumption should level out over time. Additional blocks should be provided to reduce the chance of overcrowding. Withholding period: NIL

Why you need a professionally balanced Sulphur supplement

Feeding straight sulphur or adding it to a feed ration yourself comes with an element of risk. Excessive consumption can cause Polioencephalomalacia (PEM). Symptoms include blindness, brain irritation and even death. MegaMin Extra Sulphur has been formulated to provide the additional sulphur needed along with phosphorus, magnesium and broadspectrum minerals and trace minerals that are essential for stock health.


Why broad spectrum Minerals are essential

Macro minerals and trace minerals are needed year round by livestock for optimum production, health and fertility. Read more>


Why Sulphur is important?

  • Sulphur helps detoxify prussic acid found in forage sorghum. In addition, forage sorghum also lacks sulphur and salt.
  • Sulphur stimulates bacteria and fungi to assist the breakdown of fibre in the rumen.
  • Sulphur is essential for rumen health and the formation of amino acids – the building blocks of protein. Sulphur deficiency can reduce rumen microbe activity and lead to poor growth.
  • Sulphur is a key nutrient for wool growth.
  • Sulphur can assist with parasite control. Trials have shown a substantial increase in the level of natural resistance to ticks for cattle fed additional sulphur.


Why Phosphorus is important?

It is well known that phosphorus deficiency can result in poor growth rates and lower fertility, and that supplementation is critical in areas where the soil is low in phosphorus. Importantly, phosphorus can also be a major limiting nutrient when there is plenty of lush green feed during Spring or a wet season. Read more>


Why Magnesium is important?

Magnesium is absorbed in the rumen and is the second most limiting mineral for stock grazing lush green pastures and winter forage. Lush green fodder passes too quickly through the rumen to allow adequate absorption of magnesium, which can lead to ‘Grass Tetany’. Plant uptake of magnesium may also be reduced in the cooler months, increasing the need for supplementation. Magnesium stored in the body is not rapidly available so animals are reliant on daily intake, particularly during ‘high risk’ periods. Read more>


Why supplementing with MegaMin Extra Sulphur assists stock grazing forage sorghum

Prussic acid contained in forage sorghum can actually limit fodder intake, resulting in lower weight gains for cattle grazing forage and other sorghum varieties. While forage sorghum is being digested in the rumen, prussic acid or hydrogen cyanide may be released. This can be fatal, however, more commonly it may be sub-clinically present at low levels, which can greatly reduce weight gains.


Sulphur helps detoxify prussic acid and reduces the risk of cyanide poisoning. With adequate sulphur intake, stock are able to graze more stalk and stem resulting in better utilisation of the plant and subsequent regrowth. Trials have shown that providing additional sulphur can increase daily weight gains by as much as 300-500 grams per day. Read more>

Extra weight gain

Manager of Ballandean Station, Mr David Blackwood is a strong advocate for supplementing with MegaMin Extra Sulphur at strategic times of the year. For several seasons they’ve seen benefits.

“Steers grazing Silk Sorghum with access to MegaMin Extra Sulphur not only grazed the sorghum to the ground, but ended up over weight for our intended feedlot market.” David Blackwood.