Lick Blocks

MegaMin Lick Blocks

Combat nutritional issues with the convenience of a block

A range of palatable, weather resistant lick blocks for year round use based on macro minerals, trace minerals and molasses.


Macro Minerals and Trace Minerals for Optimum Production, Health and Fertility

  • Safe year-round supplementation (No Urea)
  • Scientifically proven in university trials
  • Suitable for all livestock – health and fertility


High Sulphur Supplement with Phosphorus, Magnesium and Trace Minerals

  • Stock grazing forage sorghum and lush green feed
  • Assisting with parasite control
  • Supplying key nutrients for wool growth


Protein Supplement with Macro Minerals and Trace Minerals for Winter, Dry Feed and Drought Conditions

  • Stock grazing drought, frosted or dry pastures
  • Protein and broad spectrum mineral supplementation for cattle and sheep
  • May assist in improving growth of young cattle and maiden heifers