MegaMin Equine Enhancer

MegaMin Equine Enhancer


MegaMin Equine Enhancer is a premium triple action vitamin and mineral supplement suitable for all types of horses.


Specially formulated by a leading Australian Equine Nutritionist to meet the needs of horses with access to diets consisting largely of pasture or hay.  MegaMin Equine Enhancer is suitable for horses and ponies in all disciplines.


Scientifically developed for:

  • HOOVES & COAT – Fortified with biotin (20mg per 100g dose), organic zinc and methionine to assist skin and coat condition and promote healthy hoof growth.
  • GUT FUNCTION – Includes a prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and efficient digestion.
  • HEALTH & VITALITY – Contains AgSolutions’ unique blend of natural broad spectrum minerals as well as key vitamins for overall health.

MegaMin Equine Enhancer is available in 2.8kg pouch, 10kg bucket and 20kg bucket.

  • Scientifically balanced vitamins and minerals
  • Fortified with biotin, organic zinc and methionine to assist skin and coat condition and promote healthy hoof growth
  • Prebiotic to help support a healthy hindgut and efficient digestion
  • Made with Absolutions unique blend of natural minerals
Typical Analysis per kg per 100g
Digestible Energy 6.0 MJ 0.6 MJ
Crude Protein 7.6% 7.6 g
Crude Fibre 5.8% 5.8 g
Fat 4.7% 4.7 g
Prebiotic (yeast culture) 98.5 g 9.9 g
Salt 2.5% 2.5 g
Lysine 2.4 g 0.2 g
Methionine 25.2 g 2.5 g
Non-Structural Carbohydrates 3.7% 3.7 g
Calcium 55.9 g 5.6 g
Phosphorus 22.9 g 2.3 g
Magnesium 28.7 g 2.9 g
Sodium 15.7 g 1.6 g
Chloride 15.4 g 1.5 g
Potassium 13.8 g 1.4 g
Copper 1272 mg 127 mg
Zinc 3874 mg 387 mg
Selenium 17.5 mg 1.8 mg
Manganese 1990 mg 199 mg
Iodine 42 mg 42 mg
Cobalt 14.7 mg 1.5 mg
Iron 153.1 g 15.31 g
Silicon 6.4% 6.4 g
Chromium 30.7 mg 3.1 mg
Boron 4.8 mg 0.5 mg
Vitamin A 49512 IU 4951 IU
Vitamin E 3648 IU 365 IU
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 345 mg 34 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 50 mg 5 mg
Niacin 6.4 mg 0.6 mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 2.2 mg 0.2 mg
Vitamin B6 50.3 mg 5.0 mg
Folic Acid 54.4 mg 5.4 mg
Biotin 200 mg 20 mg

Feeding Guide

  • Directions: Mix well into feed and dampen
  • 1 level scoop provides approximately 50g of Equine Enhancer
  • Fresh drinking water and ad lib salt should be available at all times
Feeding Rate Bodyweight (kg)
400 500 600
Not in work 45 55 65
Light work 60 70 80
Moderate work 80 100 120
Pregnant mares (first 8 months) 60 70 80
Pregnant mares (last 3 months) 80 100 120
Lactating Mares 60 80 100
Aged Horses 60 70 80
Expected Mature Weight (kg)
400 500 600
Weanlings, yearlings and 2YOs 80 100 120

Available in:

Package Number of average horse doses *Based on 500kg horse in moderate work
2.8 kg bag 28
10 kg bucket 100
20 kg bucket 200

What makes MegaMin Equine Enhancer so special?

Equine Enhancer is a revolutionary, triple action supplement that not only delivers the key hoof, skin and coat promoting ingredients of biotin, methionine and organic zinc, it also provides a prebiotic to assist the microflora of the hindgut to promote efficient digestion. In addition to these specialised ingredients, Equine Enhancer supplies a broad range of vitamins and minerals including the powerful antioxidants selenium and vitamin E for overall health and vitality.


What makes Equine Enhancer different from other MegaMin supplements?
Equine Enhancer has been specially formulated in conjunction with a leading Australian Equine Nutritionist to meet the needs of horses with access to diets consisting largely of pasture and hay. MegaMin Equine Enhancer is suitable for horses and ponies in all disciplines.


Why are AgSolutions minerals so good?
MegaMin Equine Enhancer contains AgSolutions unique blend of naturally occurring earth and sea minerals derived from carefully selected ingredients to provide an exceptional array of broad spectrum minerals. Included are a host of important natural trace minerals such as chromium, boron and silica that are absent from many other supplements.


Does my horse really need a mineral supplement?

Minerals play important roles in physiological, structural and regulatory functions within the horse’s body and without a correct balance of minerals, including trace minerals, horses are unable to perform to the best of their genetic potential.
Australian soils, and consequently the pastures, hay and grain we feed our horses, tend to be deficient in a number of minerals. Pastures usually lack adequate quantities of copper, zinc, selenium and iodine and have variable amounts of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and chloride. Horses on pasture and hay based diets will usually require a supplement to replace shortfalls of essential minerals. Ensure horses ALWAYS have ad lib access to fresh drinking water and plain, free choice salt.


How good is your feed?

To help provide a balanced diet for your horse it is a good idea to get a nutrient profile of the pasture and hay that your horse is eating. To obtain accurate nutrient levels of pasture or hay it cannot be guessed by simply looking at it or comparing it with similar looking examples.  AgSolutions are now offering a hay and pasture testing service along with equine nutrition advice to support mineral supplementation in all types of horses.

What horse owners have experienced…

New MegaMin Equine Enhancer Helping Hurting Horses To Heal

“We have seen our horses go from having dull, coarse coats to having coats that are shiny and soft.  Their mane and tail are also growing better than they ever have.”

– Hope Reins, Gympie QLD

New MegaMin Equine Enhancer Helping Coat Condition

“The seedy toe and thrush that my youngest horse suffered from cleared up within 4 weeks of supplementing with MegaMin Equine Enhancer.”

– Sienna Martin, Gympie QLD

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